LUCL Colloquium

Date | 11 November 2022 Location | Leiden University Centre for Linguistics Presentation by Maarten Mous, Christan Rapold, Ahmed Sosal: The relevance of Cushitic for the linguistic history of East Africa.

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BantUGent-ILCAA Joint Research Workshop

Date | 1-2 September 2022 Location | Ghent University The Past and Present of Bantu Languages Integrating Micro-Typology, Historical-Comparative Linguistics and Lexicography Presentation by Maarten Mous & Iris Kruijsdijk: The complex history of Mbugwe (F34, Tanzania).

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International Conference on Historical Linguistics

Date | 1-5 August 2022 Location | Oxford Posters: Historical development of pluratives in Cushitic (Ahmed Sosal) Proto-Southern Nilotic *ɬVɬ was *RVɬ (Christian Rapold) Presentation: “Numerals as history of East African languages” (Maarten Mous).

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LUCL Summer School

Date | 13-18 June 2022 Location | Leiden University Courses taught by Ahmed Sosal, Christian Rapold, Andrew Harvey and Maarten Mous.

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Fieldwork in Tanzania

Date | 20 June-14 July 2022 Location | Tanzania Fieldwork in Tanzania (Maarten Mous) Arusha: phonetic experiments on Iraqw with Didier Demolin and Alain Ghio Kwermusl: Iraqw nominal number, onomatopoeia, interjections, expectational tense, vowel length before NC clusters, vowel length in verbal derivation, hither Haydom: Datooga loans in Iraqw dictionary Magugu: Mbugwe, Nyiramba, Nyaturu lexicon,…

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LIME Field School

Date | 13-18 June 2022 Location | University of Zomba, Malawi Maarten Mous teaching at LIME field school at University of Zomba, Malawi; discussions with Jean Chavula.

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9th Bantu Conference

Date | 7-10 June 2022 Location | Blantyre, Malawi Presentation (key note) by Maarten Mous: Ethnic and linguistic reconstitution among Bantu languages: The cases of Rangi (F33) and Mbugwe (F34) in Tanzania.

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Africa Knows! conference

Date | 3 December 2020Location | (Online) African Studies Center ASC, Leiden Panel Language history and its present relevance; Maarten Mous presenting “Iraqw culture and identity in a unified Tanzania”.

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SLE conferentie WS 6

Date | 28 August 2020Location | SLE conferentie WS 6 Neglected syntactic functions and non-syntactic functions of Applicative Morphology Presentation by Hannah Gibson, Lutz Marten, Maarten Mous, Kristina Riedel: Applicatives and prepositions in Bantu; contains a section on Iraqw. Publication in preparation.

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Invited Public Lecture

Date | 29 January 2020Location | Mkwawa University College of Education, Iringa, Tanzania Maarten Mous presents “Tanzania’s Linguistic Wealth”.

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